Argentina Trademark and Franchise Association (AMPA)

Argentina Trademark and Franchise Association (AMPA)
AR Argentina

The Argentina Trademark and Franchise Association (AMPA) is a non-profit organization created to promote the work and all the major companies, franchises and master franchises in Argentina. It was created in October 2009 following the merger of Argentina Franchise Association and the Chamber of big brands, with the aim of standardizing the activity, promoting the consolidation and professionalization of the franchise system, the development of good business practices and advocate for laws affecting different areas of franchisors and trademarks.

Its strategic work seeks to improve the value of different sectors including: production areas, commercial development, logistics, marketing, services, brand image. More than 120 companies are associated with the AMPA and they employ more than 60,000 people directly and another much more indirectly. 

The AMPA is the only local franchising reference that brings together leading brands, operating through the commercial distribution system. Also, the AAFP is a founding member and Director of the World Franchise Council (an organization that brings together national associations around the world), a founding member of the Iberoamerican Federation of Franchising (FIAF) which brings together the Spanish-Portuguese associations speakers), plus a plenary member of the International Franchise association (American association). It is the first and only association worldwide franchise that joined the Global Compact of the United Nations, launching concrete actions of CSR for companies operating in our country.

The Association performs committees to improve and provide more support for businesses. In turn, accompanies the partners in expanding into and outside the country, agreeing to meetings with potential investors abroad or through assistance to the most important exhibitions in the world. 

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