Assofranchising (Italian Association of Franchising)

Assofranchising (Italian Association of Franchising)
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Assofranchising Italiana - the Italian Association of Franchising – founded in Milan in 1971, is the historic trademark of the organization representing Italian Franchising. Assofranchising enjoys important, strategic, national and international connections: among the 20 international associations which make up the E.F.F. – European Franchise Federation – Assofranchising is the only Italian association belonging to it and is, among other things, also a founder member. It is associated to the W.F.C. – World Franchise Council – and to Confcommercio.

Assofranchising represents, defends and promotes the economic, social and professional interests of the associated Franchising networks through their Franchisors, in a context of strict respect of the principles contained in the Ethical Code of the Association itself.

Since its foundation Assofranchising has always distinguished itself for its close network of relations with the Institutions and other bodies or associations with similar interests.

To its Members the Association gives services, among which advice, business contacts, concessions, stipulation of conventions, use of the Assofranchising label and many other information and relations services. Periodically the Association organizes debates, round tables and conferences to publicize and discuss the topics and problems concerning Franchising. Assofranchising favors relations with the other European associations of the E.F.F. in order to share information and achieve common initiatives. There are various and frequent opportunities for Members to meet each other and exchange ideas and experiences. Assofranchising also promotes the study of economic, legal, fiscal and commercial problems of particular interest to members.

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