Finnish Franchising Association (FFA)

Finnish Franchising Association (FFA)
FI Finland

The Finnish Franchising Association, founded in 1988 is an organisation which goals are to stimulate the collaboration of companies in the franchising business. Furthermore, to encourage good franchising behaviour, increase knowledge about franchising and handle the relations towards the authorities and franchising associations throughout the world.

To achieve its goals the association arranges meetings, seminars and training sessions, publishes pamphlets, books, web sites and makes statements and gives advise.

The association also produces information and statistics about franchising in Finland. General information is broadcasted through its web pages but one important media is also the publication ” Franchising Suomessa ”.

The association is a member of the European Franchise Federation, EFF and the World Franchise Council, WFC and we have good realations to other European associations. Through EFF and other channels the association is given the possibility to have an effect on the European franchising legislation.

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