Franchising Association of India (FAI)

Franchising Association of India (FAI)
IN India

The FAI is a nationally incorporated not-for-profit association with its head office in Mumbai and regional office in New Delhi. FAI has formed various committees for increased participation of the members in developing the franchising industry and respective sectors. FAI is member of World Franchise Council and is affiliated with franchising associations around the world. The Franchising Association of India (FAI) is an industry association formed about a decade ago, committed to strengthening and promoting the best practices in franchising. Providing educational programs, FAI also offers marketing services and networking opportunities that bring together the top creative thinkers and franchise veterans to talk about the most important issues affecting franchising.

FAI is a member of World Franchise Council and associated with franchising associations of other countries. FAI members are franchisors, franchisees, vendors, consultants, financial institutions and entrepreneurs formed with objectives of acting as the resource centre for current and prospective franchisors, franchisees, the media and the Government. Through the hard work and dedication of its team of volunteers, FAI organizes and produces several product lines committed to providing information about franchising.

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