Slovak Franchise Association (SFA)

Slovak Franchise Association (SFA)
SK Slovacia

1. The Slovak Franchise Association (SFA) was established in 1994.

It is the only official center for franchising business in Slovakia and in this sense is the only competent partner franchise associations worldwide.

Respects Ethics Code Franchising adopted by the European Franchise Federation, which is an important document regulating franchising business ethics.

Franchise Association is a voluntary grouping of franchisors, franchisees and other business entities and individuals that promote franchising.

Mainly provides its members but also other interested parties a range of services:

  • consultation
  • lectures
  • seminars, workshops, discussion club meetings
  • concentrates offer franchise concepts that mediates candidates
  • providing them with expert advice to avoid unverified chain
  • cares about the quality of the franchising business
  • create conditions for the development of franchising and its reputation
  • provide the business community and public knowledge about franchising
  • SFA members publish their findings in articles, textbooks, monographs, leading thesis
  • cooperation with other institutions such as. Slovak Chamber of Commerce, business associations and others.

2. The experts group Slovak Franchise Association

SFA members have many years of professional experience and knowledge that is able to provide the existing and potential entrepreneurs, respectively. start-ups - the franchisor and franchisee. Where appropriate, recommend other experts at home and abroad.

3. Why become a member of the Slovak Association of franchising?

"The union is strength"

Membership in the Association franchise forms the image of the franchise network - sends the signal that business is certified in accordance with the code of ethics of franchising. The quality of the franchise network is a prerequisite for the confidence.

Members of the "first-hand" acquire a range of reliable, timely, valuable information on franchising, which will not get anywhere else. Is very beneficial mutual support not only from other members of the SFA but also franchise partner associations in the world.

The activities of the associations involved all members of the association which is the franchisor, franchisees, lawyers, consultants, tax advisors, banks, accountants and others.

4. Application for Slovakian Franchise Association

5. Documents available for inspection

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