Turkish Franchise Association (UFRAD)

Turkish Franchise Association (UFRAD)
TR Turcia

First established in 1991, UFRAD’s main purpose is to build trust to the franchising system while improving and enlarging the sector. Today UFRAD has approximately 100 firms under its roof. UFRAD works to educate investors about the franchising system that was born in the United States by providing knowledge and information about legal, cultural, and financial matters to help companies to constitute collaborations either in Turkish market or international platforms. Turkish Franchising Association-UFRAD continues to bring brands together and has reached trading volume of 35 million USD as of today.

Because of its contributions to the franchising field, UFRAD has been confirmed as a member by World Franchising Council (WFC) and European Franchising Federation (EFF). It’s also chosen to be active at the board of directors of EFF. Since the beginning, UFRAD has been supporting many national and international franchising fairs as well. Through TV programs and other media channels, UFRAD is the biggest informant for the public about franchising industry. The association also provides certificate programs for entrepreneurs to enter the sector with new knowledge about franchising.

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